Maria, over at 2 Political Junkies, posted a sign that you may want to print out and display about Tom Corbett.

Tom Corporate for PA Governor

I’ve written a few times about Tom Corbett and his link to the rich Texas Oil and Gas companies, and I’m glad to see other local bloggers write more about him, hopefully in enough time before the election to help turn out Democratic voters, so we can keep him out of the Governor’s seat. Tom Corbett will be bad for Pennsylvania in so many ways it isn’t funny.  His refusal to support a severance tax on Marcellus Shale drilling is probably the most important for the state. We are sitting on a huge reserve of natural gas, and every other state has taxed the Oil and Gas companies, yet, by paying for his election, it seems they have bought the possibility to drill and make huge profits here at no expense to them. I urge you to vote today, and vote for Dan Onorato who supports a fair tax that is aligned with what other states are charging. Dan Onorato is the right leader to work for the people of Pennsylvania,instead of Tom Corbett who is working for the big gas and oil companies.

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