I noticed this last week, and then failed to actually post. So a Dallas couple had a wedding where the presiding minister was actually in DC and was attending the Dallas ceremony via Skype. I’m very happy for the couple, and don’t mean to be critical of this at all. I just not sure what it really accomplishes. Sure, it demonstrates that even the homophobic system can’t keep us down, but then what? The actual benefits of being married don’t stop with the fact that a minister is allowed by law to pronounce the two of you married.

I love this story because it shows that love is determined to win over bigotry. I love this story because two people found a way to signify their relationship in ways that were meaningful to them while remaining in their community of support. But in the bigger scheme of things, this type of action doesn’t really bring us any closer to equality. The battle for full rights must continue.

Photos: Gay Couple in Dallas Wed Over Skype in ‘E-Marriage’ – Towleroad | #gay #news.

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