Saw this story posted to Facebook, but TruthWinsOut, which you can also find in my blogroll, and the link below is to an article about this in the Huffington Post.

A high school football team took a page out of the “Glee” playbook when they shook it to Beyonce to win their school some cash.

The Decatur Central High School team in Central Indiana spoofed a scene from the show where the football team dances to “Put a Ring on it” and submitted a video of their dance to a local video competition, WXIN reports.

Glee is many things, but close to realistic is rarely one of them. Still, I think this is an amazing story. If Glee, using whatever tactics it uses, can begin to show young people that rigid gender roles are nuts and counter productive, I think that is just great. I especially love how the quarterback attributes making this video to helping the team turn around a losing streak, and then win 3 games.

Indiana Football Team Spoofs ‘Glee’ Dance To Win Money For School.


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