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Nearly one year later – these words could not ring much truer – “Hope 2.0 is about using the lessons of Dr. King to create the conditions that give them no other choice.” GetEQUAL is looking for people willing to play a “State Lead” role in our 2011 campaign – if you’d like to be actively involved in our next steps – email:

Some within the LGBT movement see GetEqual as not helpful- their direct actions causing friction, heat, but no real light or change. I disagree.  I think we will see the importance of direct actions grow over the next few years and some point down the roads, we will look back on groups like GetEqual, and see that they played a massive role in the LGBT Rights movement.

We have several things we can do. we can turn a blin eye and allow the GOP and far right conservatives to keep chipping away at what fe rights LGBTQ’s and other minorities have; we can just get angry, frustrated and choose to disengage to teach “those liberals” a lesson about ignoring their base; or we can get involved and make change happen through direct actions small or big. F0r me, what GetEqual does is just one type of direct action, and if it isn’t for you, then find another way to get engaged and be a part of the solution. Or lend your time, talent and energy to GetEqual, and help be a part of the solution that way.

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