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LGBT Equality Sites

Here is a list of websites that offer LGBTQ Rights information, resources and assistance.  The list came from a posting on Facebook, and may not be a complete list.  If there are other sites you would add to the list, please feel free to add a comment to this post.[Read More…]

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The American Right to Be Out

The American Right to Be Out

A regular reader sent me a link to this story about a new book, The Right to Be Out, by Stuart Biegel: Americans have a constitutional right to be openly gay, lesbian, or transgender, and in fact the Constitution guarantees and protects that right, asserts Stuart Biegel. His new book, The Right to Be Out: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in America’s Public Schools, is a timely release from the University of Minnesota Press. Biegel argues[Read More…]

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Do We Love Homophobes?

My Google Reader Feed (which I read using the iPad and iPhone app, Feedler)  was full today with snippets about Willow Palin’s gay slur, and how Gay tea baggers are defending her. Yes, I used “gay tea bagger” intentionally, and I’ll write about that later. But in this post, I want to stick with my base question: Do we love homophobes? Or perhaps a better question, is this: Have we learned nothing from the recent[Read More…]

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Lancaster County PA Eliminates Discrimination Protections

In as much as a Human Relations Commission assures that residents are protected by providing a a mechanism for discrimination abuses to be explored and determined, Lancaster County has essentially given a green light for anyone to be discriminated against based on sex, race, religion, and other criteria.  This was done in the name of saving a few bucks in a budget? Here is the press release issued by Equality PA: Equality Pennsylvania Stunned by[Read More…]

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Max Adler Says It Gets Better

Last week, I posted some comments about Glee, Kurt, and the anti-bullying episode. I used a post from the Huffington Post as my departure point, and I appreciated the dialogue that grew from that. While Leah, who wrote in HuffPo and I may see some things a bit differently, all of the ideas are important, and I value the willingness of anyone to offer their ideas. Today, I see that Max Adler, the guy who[Read More…]

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Dallas Gay Couple Wed Over Skype

I noticed this last week, and then failed to actually post. So a Dallas couple had a wedding where the presiding minister was actually in DC and was attending the Dallas ceremony via Skype. I’m very happy for the couple, and don’t mean to be critical of this at all. I just not sure what it really accomplishes. Sure, it demonstrates that even the homophobic system can’t keep us down, but then what? The actual[Read More…]

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Glee, Kurt, and Bullying: Leah Anthony Libresco thinks it got worse, not better

The issues of bullying, violence, gay teen isolation, depression and suicide are not simple cookie cutter problems, that a single trip to the principal’s office is going to solve, and in this episode we saw parts of a far more important mix of the complexities and elements that make up the whole. Additionally, the story didn’t end, just because the episode only lasts 50-something minutes

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Pennsylvania – LGBT bills die with end of state session

My fear is that Republican leadership in both the House and the Senate won’t allow any pro-LGBT legislation to be introduced or out of committee, leaving it DOA from the get go. Time will tell.

Truth, Lies and Dialogue

I think our Democracy is either dying, or already morally wounded, and close to death because this exact issue. I’m all for free expression, and yet, free expression and the ability to bear false witness and lie are not exactly the same.

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Cindy McCain: The Power of the Bigotry

For anyone following most every LGBT Rights story, it is a roller coaster of ups and downs. Unfortunately the “downs” seem to outnumber the “ups” most times. But one breaking story this week is especially important to consider. The story of Cindy McCain and her support for LGBT Rights. At a foundational level, both Cindy and the daughter, Meghan have been outspoken and at odds with the majority of the Republican party over LGBT rights.[Read More…]

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