This is a very good video that I tagged to post about a few weeks ago, and it has been sitting in my pending folder. The original is from The Spectrum Cafe, a blog that is “transcentric views, all trans, all of the time.” In the video a number of questions are asked, concerning why is there transphobia in the LGBT community. I know! The poster has segregated out only the LGB’s as perpetrators of transphobia, and that may be accurate.  But if the question is, “aren’t we all part of the same acronym, then I want to use that acronym as the descriptor of the community as a whole.

I think there is clearly some within the LGBT community who express transphobia at anywhere from a very mild to very blatant and offensive level. Jamie, the trans person in the video asks for video responses, so I’m going to make such a response. What I thouyght I would do here on the blog, is put Jamie’s question out there:

  • Why do you feel lesbian, gays, and bisexuals may act unsupportive or be transphobic to those who identify as Trans?
  • Are we one big community, expressed as the acronym, LGBT, or is that a fallacious umbrella?

Leave your comments here, or find your way back to Jamie’s video on Youtube and leave comments there. And even if you don’t have comments to share, stop and ponder the thought for a few minutes: are you are supportive of all parts of the LGBT collective of communities, or do you express some level of transphobia, and why is that for you?

Transphobia in the LGB community.

Cool video about what Transgender means.

By Crushed Planet

Once I have posted my response, I’ll link it as a comment to this post.

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