The linked story is really about the GOP, Sarah Palin and her pro-obesity campaign, but it was the reference to former Senator, Rick “Man on Dog sex” Santorum that prompted me to post this.

Sarah Palin has taken to assailing Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative on her reality show and elsewhere, while former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, the Republican Party’s resident authority on obesity and a potential Palin rival, has been defending it from Palin’s salvos. Two other possible GOP presidential contenders, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.), have also praised Obama’s efforts. (emphasis added is mine)

Consider this. our economy is still barely limping along, Wall Street is reeling in bigger profits than ever before; the richest Americans just got a huge tax break that they don’t need; we are still fighting multiple wars, some of which we don’t even admit to being in; and the culture war is in all-out mode against the GLBT communities, mostly over gay marriage. And this is what the media has to talk about? Even crazier, this is what potential President hopefuls have to focus on?

If the idea of Rick “Man on Dog sex”  Santorum running for President isn’t scary enough on its own this whole issue ought to make every single person with half a brain cell decide to get engaged in the political process and demand real leadership from our elected officials.  We can’t afford a presidential election where this is the level of discourse. I’m all for the political process, and I welcome the GOP to bring their best and brightest, but can they all focus on real battles and issues facing us as a country, and stop commenting on what the First Lady did or didn’t say?

via Some GOP stalwarts defend first lady’s anti-obesity campaign from Palin’s shots.

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