So, Illinois has passed a Civil Union Law that gives same-sex couples essentially all the rights of marriage, without the name of marriage. It is an awkward moment for LGBT activists. On the one hand, we want to celebrate that our relationships and our families are recognized, and on the other hand, there is no denying that second class citizenship is never enough. Separate is never equal, and we must keep working until there is Equality for all.

While the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is still intact however, I think seeking Civil Unions at a state level is a good strategy where full marriage isn’t likely to be passed. While DOMA is in place, even marriages don’t receive any recognition above the state level. So, I’m of the opinion, that while 2nd class citizenship is not enough, it is better than no recognition of our families, and it leaves open the chance to seek greater equality while still granting many benefits to same-sex couples and families.

Looking at this from our opposition’s side, even the granting of Civil Unions is a real blow to their strategy, and erodes some of their power. The only way they can succeed is if they can persuade enough people to believe that our families do not exist and are not real or important. So, while a civil union doesn’t grant equality, it does illustrate dramatically, that our relationships and our families are valid, meaningful and that they deserve respect. If every single state in the Union had civil Unions, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) would crumble- their entire platform of hate and lies would look frivolous and petty, and without any basis for serious consideration.

We must never sit back and think that civil unions or domestic partnerships is enough, but we should anywhere we can get our relationships accepted in this fashion, because with these laws, it will be easier and easier to achieve full marriage equality in the long run.

Illinois’ Second-Class Marriage Will Be Signed Into Law Today / Queerty.


  1. I agree. One day they will be seen as silly, but for now it’s a step. We can see the promised land…

    • Let’s just make sure we get there, by continuing to push for full equality in every way, every where. Thx for the comment!