It wouldn’t be too off the mark to say that Marine Commander Amos, didn’t have many friends within the LGBT movements during the month of December. He was seen as an outspoken opponent to the repeal of DADT. Even I wanted to see Obama fire his ass- throw him out of there fast! But, his public opinions made clear that Free speech is welcome, and dissenting views belong at the table too. The real issue was to come later. Would Amos get behind the repeal and support it as needed? At least so far, it looks like he will.

This speaks well for the Marines, for Amos, and for our Military in general. It also illustrates a way that all groups that oppose positive change could act. One the law is passed, they could fall in and implement it with dignity and respect for all.

PRIDE in Utah » Marine Commandant Changes Tune, Issues Video To Marines On DADT Repeal.

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