I saw this reported on Pam’s House Blend, although the quote and link below are to original sources.

OTTAWA — The House of Commons passed a bill Wednesday that will amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code to protect transgender and transsexual Canadians from discrimination.

“It’s a great day,” said the bill’s author, NDP MP Bill Siksay. “It’s been in the works for six years, and it’s great to see people from all parties supporting the bill. This is not a partisan issue, it’s a human rights issue.”

When all heads were counted, 143 MPs voted for Bill C-389 and 135 voted against.

I’ve written about this bill recently, and often about the importance of including transgender protections, so I’m very pleased to see this pass. But the battle is far from over. It isn’t clear what will happen in the Senate.

What is most amazing to me, is how the far right continues to use lies and misinformation to fan the flames of opposition. But I’m not surprised in a way. Any LGBT activist who gets frustrated that LGBT Rights legislation seems so difficult to pass, needs to recognize the lengths these folks will go to to stop equality. Spaulding quotes LifeSiteNews this way:

“Hopefully the Senate votes it down or Parliament dissolves before it is signed into law,” he added.

Doesn’t the notion of dissolving parliament seem a bit extreme? Maybe yes, but illustrative of the lengths the anti-gay haters will go in order to stop equality.

via Human Rights Act to shield transgender, transsexual Canadians from persecution.

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