I took this from Facebook, but it came from Twitter:

RT @SenGillibrand Outrageous that instead of wkg to create jobs, House GOP voted to slash funding of #PlannedParenthood, threatening lives of women & girls.

Last night, I had a young guy try to school me about conservatives and the Tea Party. According to him, the Tea Party doesn’t care about social issues, like gay rights or women’s rights. They care about jobs, and smaller government, and eliminating the debt. I listened intently, mostly trying to understand where he was coming from, and how he came to this idea. Because the reality, when you look at what is happening everywhere, is just the opposite. Nothing is being done to create jobs or improve the economy, and great strides are being made to harm women, minorities and others, like Union members and public workers.

It isn’t especially useful to try and paint this picture as being one party against the other. Remember back to the Heath Care Reform battle, and it is easy to see conservatives on both sides of the aisle working hard to benefit the big insurance companies. But it is useful to pain this as conservatives who claim to be about jobs, versus real progressives. It may be a stretch to think that progressives are found in both parties, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter, is we need to all rise up, like they are doing in Wisconsin, against any measures which do not create jobs or better the economy, especially when those efforts are done to harm any group of people, like women, thew LGBT community, or others.

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