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Family Research Council head bigot Tony Perkins is once again making the Baby Jeebus cry by telling the American Family Association radio audience that President Obama has “unilaterally decided not to enforce DOMA.” If fact, as we all know, the president has merely decided not to defend DOMA and its full enforcement remains in effect.

Joe.My.God uses the image of a crying Jesus, which s really quite apt as well as illustrative. I most often just refer to the fact that these so-called religious zealots seem to be unaware of the commandment against bearing false witness (also known as lying). But crying Jesus is just perfect. In reality, the work of folks like Tony Perkins, isn’t so much to act morally and in alignment with God’s Call, but rather to uphold the status quo at all costs, including misinformation, deception, and outright lies.


But Perkins isn’t the only one ! Brian Brown from the National Organization for Marriage, is pretty busy seeing if he can out perform Perkins in the misinformation arena!

If Congress doesn’t step up quickly to defend DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act may soon be history – the victim of an administration that is deliberately undercutting the very laws it is duty-bound to defend.

OK, Brown is likely to win both the misinformation, and in the lying department.

Here’s why the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is so critical to the anti-gay groups like the AFA and NOM.

Most conservatives and even liberals who aren’t totally on board for Same-sex marriage agree that marriage should be left up to the states. Now that many states are allowing same-sex marriage, it is just a matter of time before all states allow it, either by each state granting same-sex marriage, or more likely, via a court battle similar to what ended the ban on inter-racial marriage. So, everyone, if they are honest, knows that it is just a matter of time. I’m not suggesting it will be a short amount of time- it could be decades- but it probably won’t be.

However the real issue that continues to isolate same-sex couples and keep their experience different from other legally married couples, is DOMA. As long as this law is in place, even legally married same-sex couples are kept from being first class citizens. This law too is most likely going to fall as unconstitutional, most likely sooner than we will see same-sex marriage accepted in every state. But once DOMA is gone, there will truly be no real hurdles except those that make lawyers a ton of money fighing the cases in court.

The lies

Joe.MyGod points out Perkin’s lie above. Obama said nothing of enforcement in any way, shape or form. The Administration will simply no longer try and defend DOMA as if it were constitutional. And here is where Brown’s lie comes in.DOMA isn’t a victim of the Administrations undercutting laws. Courts have rules (a number of them in fact) that DOMA is unconstitutional. DOMA is the victim of a wrongly aimed law that was and is unconstitutional Finally enough courts have claimed it to be so, that the law’s demise is clear. Brown throws out one other lie here that is worth highlighting. The Administration is not duty-bound to defend this law. The government has a right to defend a law, and now, Congress can decide if it wishes to defend DOMA, but the Administration is not “duty-bound” as Brown wants to suggest. Even Obama has claimed that he has been bound to defend this (and other) laws, but there is a fine point here worth mentioning.

DOMA Not Going Away Tomorrow

The truth of the matter is that DOMA isn’t about to end tomorrow. The end may be getting closer, but the fact that the Obama DOJ will no longer defend it in court doesn’t mean DOMA is done and gone. It is still moving through the courts, and will for some time. There are now less than four appeals in process.  Congress will have the next chance to defend the law if it chooses to in these four separate cases. It is unlikely that a defense can be successful, but we won’t know until the ruling is handed down. So, we are no where near the point where DOMA will go away.


via Joe. My. God.: FRC’s Tony Perkins Lies: Obama Has Declared He Won’t Enforce DOMA.

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