I’ve written a number of times about how the Christian Right wishes to replace our democracy with a Christian theocracy. They don’t mind that people get to vote, but only within the confines of a Christian limited set of rights, wrongs, policies and ideals. Very similar to Iran, except that for Iran, the confines are Muslim instead of Christian. On the surface, this story is yet another illustration of the conflation of Christianity with American values such as “All men are created equal.”

The writer of the story plays up a different angle. For the writer, the story is about how “man-on-dog sex” Santorum is trying to paint the left as anti-Christian.

But there is another level to this story.

“What I’m talking about is onward American soldiers,” he said. “What we’re talking about are core American values. ‘All men are created equal’ — that’s a Christian value, but it’s an American value.”

“It’s become part of our national religion, if you will,” he continued. “The point I was trying to make was that the national faith, the national ideal, is rooted in the Christian ideal — in the Judeo-Christian concept of the person.”

There is an implied as well as explicit suggestion that our country is a Christian Nation, a pretty scary thought.

But for me, there is another angle here which is critical given how anti-gay Santorum is. He doesn’t really mean that all men are created equal- only the straight ones. Or more accurately, he is perpetuating the love the sinner, hate the sin message. All men are created equal, but those who act wrongly, don’t deserve equality.

via Santorum: Left hates ‘Christendom’ – Andy Barr – POLITICO.com.

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