Turan’s article is a meaningful tribute, but for Gay America, Elizabeth Taylor was so much more than Turan captures. Long before Lady Gaga helped make change for the LGBT movement, Elizabeth Taylor was out there, being one of the most vocal advocates for HIV/AIDS.

Some suggest that Lady Gaga was the first major performer to be so vocal and outspoken for the LGBT community, however, I believe Elizabeth Taylor really deserves that title. Unlike Gaga, who seems at times to be 100% activist (although totally talented too), Taylor was more of a spokesperson, ambassador, and  advocate. I think it would be safe to say, we never would have had as many victories in the fight against HIV/AIDS without her voice and her influence. This difference n their approaches may have more to do with the times than it says anything about either woman. Both will have left an undeniable mark  on the LGBT community

Much will be said, and most will be said far better than I will say it, so I’ll stop here, for now. I’ll update this post with more links as others publish about her death.

Elizabeth Taylor: An appreciation by Kenneth Turan – latimes.com.


This was from Mark Segal on Facebook: Emphasis added is mine)

From Bruce Vilanch, who last week end we discussed this very point-

there would have been no aids fundraising ever without elizabeth taylor. or rehab centers. or divorce lawyers. or fat jokes. the greatest star on every level from the penthouse to the basement.

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