I rarely quote almost an entire article, but here is one from The Times-Tribune. As I looked at what part to snip, it was just all to horrific, and I couldn’t decide.  Some snipped, so go and check out the entire article for more of the details.

A 33-year-old man is accused of beating a teenage relative with a belt Sunday afternoon in Scranton while the girl’s mother and grandmother held her down. Keith Bennett, address unknown, turned himself in early Tuesday to face charges of simple assault and child endangerment, authorities said.

Mr. Bennett allegedly continued to assault the 14-year-old girl – whose relationship to him was not immediately clear – for another 45 minutes after her mother, Mary McCoy, and grandmother, Denise McCoy, left the room. The teen’s family said they beat her because she had stayed out until 4 a.m. and was involved with drugs and a gang, as well as for doing poorly in school, police said.

According to an affidavit:

Mr. Bennett continued to beat the girl “all over her body” long after Mary and Denise McCoy walked away. The teen asked her mother to call an ambulance, but Mary McCoy refused.

Although the girl then called 911, her mother signed for a refusal-of-treatment when the ambulance arrived. However, city police Officer Ronald Alongi convinced Mary McCoy to drive her daughter to Moses Taylor.

Officer Nancy Baumann was later called to the hospital after a caseworker with Children and Youth Services spoke to the victim and nurses who had overheard an exchange between the teen and her grandmother.

While in the ER, the girl accused her grandmother of not protecting her from Mr. Bennett. Denise McCoy replied: “You’re lucky I didn’t wallop you first, because they’d be calling an ambulance to come get you.”

The anti-gay groups would have you believe that loving same-sex couples, many who have been together for many years are trying to destroy “the Traditional Family.” But in reality, love makes a family, not the gender of the parents. This didn’t happen because these people are straight, but those who truly care about preserving “The Family” as a social unit, need to turn their attention to those things that truly destroy families, and that wouldn’t be same-sex marriage. This is why groups like the American Family Association, are considered registered hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Project. Their vitriol, lies, and misinformation about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons does nothing to support the real notion of family.

14-year-old girl beaten for 45 minutes; man, girl’s mother and grandmother in custody – News – The Times-Tribune.

  • Robocop2295

    Turns out a week later it was verified that the 14 year old, gang member girl, LIED!

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