The link below is to the Bilerico Project, and the post was entitled, “Lady Gaga is not an ally to our community.” As I first read it, I thought, OK, what did she do now- like remember the flack when she announced partnering with Target? I thought, how in the world could anyone see her as anything other than an ally? But a smile crossed my face, as I read the post, for the writer has it 100% correct:

There’s nothing wrong with being an ally. We need our allies, and allies are often, and rightly, treated with respect and admiration. But a bisexual person, whether she’s Lady Gaga or just Average Joe Bi, is a member, not an ally. There’s a difference, and that needs to be respected, too.

Truth be told, I’m one of those folks who so often overlooks, or forgets about Bisexuals. It isn’t that I don’t think they belong, and I would welcome any bisexual with open arms. But, it is also true to say, that in the 35 years that I have been out as a gay man, I could probably count on one hand the number of people who I have known who self identify as bisexual.

While I believe that the “community” of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender beliong together as one grouping of sexual minorities, it is also true that many gays and lesbians are like me, and don’t really think about bisexuals enough. We need to better understand that part of our community. But too, more bisexuals need to come out as bisexual.

On the other hand, we have to also recognize that we are not really one big homogenous “community” but rather a collective of communities that are diverse and we are as different as we are alike. In that way, we need to all be allies of each other.

What do you think about this? How do we (the whole of LGBT we) make sure we recognize ourselves as part of a group?

via Lady Gaga Is Not an Ally to Our Community | The Bilerico Project.

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