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When Journalists Perpetuate Bull Shit

Every time a journalist uses this type of language it discredits any attempt to portray the bill as being truly about non-discrimination. “Bathroom Bill” kills real dialogue and understanding every time. Even if the journalist feels it is important to share both the truth as well as the opposition’s position, it can be done without this language.

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Is Marriage Equality Clouding the Issue of Full LGBT Rights?

If activists truly care about full equality, then we must take responsibility for keeping the focus on full equality. Consider Canada, which has had Marriage Equality for 10 years, but a Trans person can still be fired or refused housing. We, as activists, especially highly vocal ones, do the whole of our community a disservice by being too overly focused on only one aspect of full equality.

Ask the Pirates to help: It Gets Better

Pittsburgh blogger Sue Kerr, who blogs at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, started a petition at to encourage the Pittsburgh Pirates to make a video for the It Gets Better project. It Gets Better, was started by Dan Savage, as a way to get a message out to troubled teens struggling with coming out and finding acceptance. One teen who chooses to end their life because of the abuse they endure because of being different, is[Read More…]

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New York Marriage Equality Roundup

Surprisingly, Martinelli doesn’t mention his old boss, NOM at all. They stood the most to lose by a passage of Marriage Equality. Lead Hater Spokesperson, Maggie Gallagher likes to describe NOM as “the group that wins.”

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Bethlehem Wins With Council’s Unanimous Passage of Civil Rights Ordinance

June 21, 2011, Bethlehem, PA — Following a three hour public meeting, the City Council of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania voted unanimously to send the proposed non discrimination ordinance back to Mayor John Callahan for his signature. The ordinance was introduced by Mayor Callahan in September 2010 and previously passed unanimously through the Human Resources and Environment Committee and the First Reading of City Council. Mayor Callahan is expected to sign the bill into law. Adrian Shanker[Read More…]

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Queer Rising Focus on the President Could Kill Marriage Equality in New York

To truly help same-sex couples everywhere, we need to assure that New York passes Marriage Equality. This will weaken NOM’s credibility, and encourage many other states to fight for Equality too.

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Gay Marriage vs Marriage Equality: Gays as bargaining chips

The AP has a short article, linked here in the Wall Street Journal, about the current state on the NY Marriage Equality bill. It is way to close to call if it will pass the Senate or not, and either way it goes will be seen as a major win for that side of the battle over marriage. But here the problem: The senators, speaking on condition of anonymity, say gay marriage is tied up[Read More…]

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Pittsburgh Pride: my thoughts following Pride

Wanted to post some thoughts about Pittsburgh Pride: Pride in general, and what all of that brings to mind.

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Target’s Neutral Stance on Marriage Ban is Disingenuous.

Target can do better at growing profits and improving sales by distancing itself as a corporation from politicians and social agendas are designed to segregate and marginalize portions of their customers such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.

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A Faggot Boy’s Thoughts About Father’s Day

As a kid very many factors influenced how I perceived myself. Any sense that I had of being a sissy faggot boy wasn’t due exclusively to what I did or didn’t receive from my father, And yet, I’m aware that here I am on the precipice of Fathers Day possibly holding him responsible entirely. Maybe one of the greatest gifts that a gay kid can give his or her father, is to let them off the hook a bit.

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