The AP has a short article, linked here in the Wall Street Journal, about the current state on the NY Marriage Equality bill. It is way to close to call if it will pass the Senate or not, and either way it goes will be seen as a major win for that side of the battle over marriage. But here the problem:

The senators, speaking on condition of anonymity, say gay marriage is tied up in negotiations with other issues including rent control in New York City and a statewide property tax cap.

If negotiations go no where, because of linking Marriage Equality to these other issues, then it simply becomes propaganda for the anti-marriage folks. If it goes through because negotiations are successful, it demonstrates how gays and lesbians are still being used as bargaining chips, rather than being seen as individuals who deserve the same rights as everyone else.

Part of the issue grows out of this naming problem: Gay Marriage vs Marriage Equality. Each term has pros and cons for usage. However, there is a bigger problem attached too, and that is the way politics happens. Issues should be decided on the merits of the issue, and not on how much someone is willing to give or get if they support something or another.

These senators, speaking under anonymity, need to be brought out of the closet, so that everyone can be held accountable for their actions and their votes!

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