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Reminder: How the debt got so high, and it wasn’t Obama

Joe has a great post here worth reading. As the debt ceiling fiasco has continued few are talking about what has created the mess in the Furst place. Reminder from the Times editorial board on how the deficit got this big. It’s their explanation of the above chart:The second graph shows that under Mr. Bush, tax cuts and war spending were the biggest policy drivers of the swing from projected surpluses to deficits from 2002[Read More…]

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Joe. My. God.: Frothy Mix: NY Has Destroyed Marriage

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That religious argument.

I rarely have anti-gay type folks post comments on my blog, but I was surprised today to find a comment posted on a story about Target and their supposedly neutral stance on same-sex marriage. While the old testament says to stone folks like you, I am not a perfect Bible reader. I am a Christian and we lean over backwards to forgive. LBGT has had a license to do what they pretty much please in[Read More…]

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Anti-Gay Marriage Group Files Legal Challenge to New Y

Anti-Gay Marriage Group Files L= egal Challenge to New York=E2=80=99s Law Twenty four hours after Ne= w York=E2=80=99s landmark same sex marriage law went into effect, the anti-g= ay-marriage group New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms today has filed a l= awsuit seeking to… Original Page: legal-challenge-to-new-yorks-law/8499 =

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Rainbow Niagara Falls Photo Goes Viral on Twitter

Rainbow Niagara Falls Photo Goes Viral on Twitter

Rainbow Niagara Falls Photo Goe= s Viral on Twitter [PIC] = When the clock struck midnight in New York State on Sunday morning, same-sex marriage= was suddenly legal in the state. What better place to tie the knot than Nia= gara Falls, especially when it=E2=80=99s lit up like a rainbow? As gay couples began their midnight nuptials at the traditional honeymoon spot, they were s= urprised by the sudden colorful backdrop of Niagara Falls sporting[Read More…]

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DADT repeal: 60 days count down starts today.

most all gays and lesbians serving today, simply want to defend their country, and they are willing to suffer enormous inconveniences to do that. This policy change allows them to do their job with honesty and integrity.

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Boehner leaves Obama at the altar?

In this clip, Obama uses a “marriage” image to describe Boehner’s actions. Is that a coincidence, or another sign that the President is evolving when it comes to marriage equality

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Republican Freshman Blames Obama For Debt

The Freshman in question is Republican Rep. Mo Brooks (AL) who has an economics degree. Doesn’t that scare you? Still, his goal is (and the GOP’s game plan) is to pin the entire debt on Obama. The reality is that Bush caused it. At the start of his term, Bush inherited a $230 billion surplus. At the end, he had added more than $4 trillion to the national debt, “the biggest increase under any president” at[Read More…]

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Franken Destroys Focus On The Family Witness, Exposes Misuse Of HHS Study

The linked article and video are really worth catching! But here’s the point I want to raise. So often we spend a lot of time, talking about groups like FotF as hate groups, and we often fail to hold them accountable for their bull shit. Franken did exactly that. He didn’t merely discount their statement, he pointed out how it was misleading and wrong, in a very public way. Any of us who seek full[Read More…]

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Brooks and the problem of politics

As much as Brooks attempts to convince those on his side, we, on our side need to also remember to let go of the fantasy of one ultimate battle that will allow good to prevail over all else. Democracy is messy business partly so that the rights of even the minority are trampled as little as possible , and all side have some way to make some progress.

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