I’ve heard the reports that most GOP pundits get wet thinking that Rick Perry will enter the presidential race for 2012. On one level, I get it. Who is a bigger symbol of smaller and less powerful federal government than the guy who talked of succession and states rights. Perry loves him some of that 10th amendment!

But really, who is being kidded by this talk? Conservatives don’t want more power in the states when it comes to issues like Marriage Equality. Maybe when it comes to any social issue since regular citizens can act and have more impact at the state level than at the federal. Conservatives want a strong and intrusive federal giver eNt on social issues, but the want the federal govt to leave corporations alone.

Can Perry really talk out of both sides of his mouth and keep himself a viable candidate? Can he call for stronger states rights while also calling for intrusive federal control over our personal lives?

The linked post is a great read. Check it out:

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