Much to post about the rally tonight so watch the blog. Suffice to say as a start, that what started as a quiet and peaceful rally, turned nasty. I saw so much and videotaped quite a bit.

Some will talk about tonight as if the police were the problem and they proved why so many within the LGBTQ community don’t trust the police. Others will say that young queers who have no respect for any authority figures went out if their way to push a confrontation.

For me the truth is some combination of both. Much much to write about.

I can say that I’ve been in a number of protests, rallies and situations that have been tense, and yet I was never quite as afraid as I was tonight.


  1. LOL @ the Narnia comment though. That was rather clever. The rest is rubbish though.

  2. Activism sucks in general. If people would stop trying to put things in other peoples faces there would be less problems. Stay out of my life and I’ll stay out of yours. If you bring something that I am not into into my front yard, there is a possibility that I may go off on you. That doesn’t mean I don’t like you, it means get the fuck out of my yard and if you don’t, well that’s when you have crossed the line. This goes for any activity not just queers (your words). 

    • So what about when people point guns at the heads of queers in their neighborhood? What kind of violence has to happen for people to be able to protest with your permission? Homophobia is so rampant in your post I’m thinking you’re so far back in the closet you can see Narnia…

      • Really Anonymous? Really?  I don’t know what you are reading because it isn’t what I wrote at all. I wrote: “This incident follows two incidents last year, one of which was in the same area of Bloomfield, but the fact that a gun was pulled suggests an escalation in violence and that makes this even more important.” I think that the rally that happened was enormously important and I’m thrilled that Lauren stepped up and gave voice to what happened. I’m thrilled that so many came out to show their support. I have no clue why you think ANYONE is suggesting anyone had to have someone’s permission.

        You have your own agenda and axe to grind, and it has nothing to do with me as a blogger, what I have actually written, or the reality of the situations happening here in Pittsburgh.

      • Strigiform says:

        Calm down. They were replying to the homophobe above, not you. I know it’s hard not to have stuff be about you every time but if you look at their comment it’s obviously a response to Hutch.

      • OK, Thanks for the reminder to be clear on what a reply is linked to.

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