Tonight was the meeting organized by Rayden Sorock with the goal to develop a 5 year plan for the LGBTQ community which is probably better referred to as QUILTBAG.

Lots to write about, and it will have to be enough for now to just say that the group assembled was fantastic. This was the most diverse group in every way I think I have ever seen gathered together. Differing ages, races, orientations, gender identities, probably most any other way you could imagine.

And some great work by this diverse group too! I’ll write a more thorough post as I process some if my thoughts.

Do you know what QUILTBAG means? Leave a comment and tell everyone, OK?

I also want to thank everyone who has been reading and commenting recently. BECAUSE OF YOU this blogpost ranks pretty high when you Google the word “Queer.”

Every blogger wants their blog to rank high on Google, and I am no exception. I do all the basic stuff to try and rank high (called SEO) , but you folks made it possible for me to rank well on a fairly broad keyword. Makes me very happy.

In addition I think there has been some really interesting dialogue! Can’t beat that. Good discussion and a bump when it comes to Google. So, thanks.


  1. Thanks for plugging QUILTBAG. It’s a good one, huh?

  2. Concerned Queer says:

    Just so you know…. if you continue to Google search certain words and/or websites, they will of course come up sooner in your results on your computer. 

    After Google-ing, just the term “queer”, your blog wasn’t even in the first 10 pages. 

    I want to highly encourage you to continue to learn about your own community. We are not the same people that were fighting in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or 00’s. Please learn the differences, respect the new waves and directions that we are heading towards. We have created new terms, new demands, and new goals. There is a difference between the gay community and the queer community (sadly), and that difference is very personal and very political. 

    My suggestion to you: Educate yourself on modern queer culture and politics.

    *Helpful bonus hint*: after you Google the word “queer”, try to read some of the websites that come up to educate yourself (other than wikipedia) if you’re going to try to continue to fight for “us.” 

    “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House”

    • RE: Google. Google rankings can change all of the time because they are dynamic. So between when I noticed it and posted and when you did may produced some differing results. However, as of this morningm, the last 2 links on the 1st page of results for the word “Queer” are mine. A link to my other blog, (A Queer Look at the Bible) and a link to the post, entitled, More on Queer. I did this from a “virgin” machine, one I have never googled the term on before.

      Helpful bonus hint: If you are serious about adding to a dialogue, check you ego at the door and be willing to speak from your own experience rather than pretend you can tell others what they should think, say or do, or as if you know what they need.

      I welcome real dialogue and exchange. On average between 50 and about 300 people read my blog every day. That’s small in some ways, but large compared to other avenues for a growing dialogue. Everyone- you, me, and all of the readers can learn and grow in our understandings.