I saw Lauren Jurysta last evening and she told me that the hearings for those arrested is today at 12:30 pm. I have a very full day at work but will try and get away to go if I can swing it. I know nothing about 3 of the people arrested nor do I know the facts surrounding Japenga’s arrest. The 5th person who was arrested, in my opinion didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m interested to see what happens.

In terms of Lauren and what happened to her, things continue to move forward, even if at a slow pace.

I know the case was assigned to a detective, but I don’t know more details than that.

Meeting with the Mayor
One of the first things I did last Wednesday after I was home from the rally was call the mayor’s office. Specifically one of the folks that works directly for the mayor. The mayor has acted as if he supports our community so I want to see what he will do about this. Found out last night the scheduler is working to get this meeting on the schedule. I’ve ask Lauren to go with me to the meeting when it happens.

City Council
Last Thursday I reached out to all of the council members who I know personally to meet with them. So far, 3 of the 5 have expressed desire to work in this issue.


  1. so a police report was filled out about the “face full of gun” incident?

    • Yes, a police report was submitted, and the case assigned to a detctive. But that had nothing to do with what happened today. Today was a hearing for the 5 individuals who were arrested Wednesday evening.

      • I’m just glad the police will now be on the look out for this pyscho who should not be in possession of a gun.