NIA: Court Rules Prop 8 Backers Must Reveal Donor Names

In yet anot=
her in a long string of court losses for NOM, a California judge has ruled t=
hat the backers of Proposition 8 must reveal the names of their do=
nors. NOM and Protect Marriage had sued to have those names removed from the=
website of California’s Secretary of State.
A federal judge in Sacramento ruled against and the National Organization f=
or Marriage in a nearly three-year-old lawsuit, saying the two groups failed=
to prove they should be exempted from the state’s campaign disclosure laws.=
U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr. ruled from the bench after a brie=
f hearing and plans to issue a written opinion later, San Francisco Deputy C=
ity Attorney Mollie Lee said. “The winners here are really the voters of Ca=
lifornia,” Lee said. “The First Amendment interest that the judge upheld in h=
is ruling is the interest in having a robust democracy, an informed electora=
te and vigorous debate.”
Yesterday’s ruling stipulates t=
hat the names of future donors must also be revealed. Don’t hold your breat=
h for NOM to comply.

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