The linked post is from Joe.My.God, and deals specifically with the recent win in Spain by an anti-gay candidate, but in my opinion offers advice for those of us n the US who care about LGBT Rights. I really can’t believe it every time I hear a gay or lesbian person tell me they can’t vote for Obama because he hasn’t done enough. What is the alternative, I ask, and they shrug their shoulders and defensively act like their opinion is the only one that matters. But think about it, if Obama doesn’t win, what will happen. A Republican will win, and of the Republicans running, are any of them even remotely in favor of LGBT Rights? ┬áNo.

Led by anti-gay asshat Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s deeply conservative Popular Party scored a landslide victory in yesterday’s national elections. Rajoy has vowed to repeal same-sex marriage rights once he’s in power.

There is no escaping the fact that our government is very broken, and it is easy to say that all politicians are alike, and therefore none are any better or worse. It is also easy to thin that because there is both the Congress and the Supreme Court, that what a President could do to what rights we already have (which aren’t enough) isn’t that bad. But it really is that bad. If anyone who isn’t pro-LGBT is elected it could set our movement back 30 years.

All we have to do is look at the GOP’s agenda in the House. Since they regained power, everything they have done has been to attack individual rights. They ran on the economy, but their actions are all about social change and a return to an ultra-conservative control over personal freedoms.

In the bigger picture, the GOP’s efforts have been about destroying Obama so that a Republican would win, and what might it mean if the GOP had total power, or at least a far greater level of control? Look at Spain.


via Joe. My. God.: SPAIN: Anti-Gay Party Wins Control Of Parliament, Gay Marriage Imperiled.

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