This week, I received an email that described how the Group Freedom to Marry has begun to work with mayors:

Freedom to Marry today launched the Mayors for Freedom to Marry project. There are over 70 mayors listed, including Erie PA’s own Joe Sinnott! (The other 2 mayors in Pennsylvania are Philadelphia’s Michael Nutter and Bethlehem’s John Callahan.)

Three Pennsylvania mayors are signed on, but you Mayor Ravenstahl are not one of them.

Mayor Ravenstahl, can you explain to Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ community if you plan to sign on, and if you do not, please share your reasons for not signing on. Pittsburgh has been a space welcoming to the LGBTQ community for many years, having a city-wide non-discrimination ordinance in place, and implementing a domestic partner registry, however the rights of many gay and lesbian couples remain unprotected due to our inability to protect our relationships by legal civil marriage.

As Mayor you have been visible as a supporter of the LGBT community, and the community deserves to understand why you haven’t signed like three of your Pennsylvania counterparts.



Thomas C Waters, blogger and Pittsburgh resident


Updated 1/26/2012:

As per Eric’s comment, here is a link about the situation in Dallas.


  1. Why does this seem to be a non-issue in Pittsburgh? Why isn’t Ravenstahl on this list?

  2. I hope you are following our situation here in Dallas with a mayor who has refused to sign. I hope the folks in Pittsburgh can mount as much pressure.

  3. Steve Zupcic says:

    Are you getting trying to get tis published in the P-G?

    • Hello Steve!  You are so very missed here in Pittsburgh! Magdalena was here on Tuesday and ask about you.

      Yes, sent off to the Post Gazette! Thx!

  4. This is great. I hope we get a substantive response.

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