On one level, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s position on Marriage Equality is not surprising given the general position on the issue held by most GOP politicians. What is however, quite striking is the blatant snake-oil salesman-like  approach he is taking.

I can accept that he is vowing to veto the measure if it makes it to his desk. I don’t like that, but it is him standing up for the position he has said is his position. New Jersey voters can decide if he is doing the job they hired him to do or not.

But let’s get real here. First, is the issue of having the public vote on the civil rights of others. That is not democracy in action. While Marriage Equality opponents like to point out that in every state where there has been a vote, Marriage Equality has failed, what they have failed to mention is that in every one of those cases, it is lies and misinformation that is used to sway public opinion. Basic fear mongering 101.

Next is the other issue here, which is also basic American democracy. We have a representative government, where we the people elect officials to do the hard work of governing us locally, by state and federally. By bypassing the legislature, Christie is opting to fight against the will of the people who elected these individuals. This is why our government (at many levels) is broken and failing to work. This type of action where political positioning is more important than constitutionally determined governance.

Lastly, is this idea that Christie is offering up a real deal. Reminds me of the way the Native Americans were swindled out of their lands with “the deal of a lifetime.”

This is about Marriage Equality, but it is so much more than that. It is about how GOP politicians across the country and doing their best to undermine real democracy to achieve their own end game. Time for the snake oil to be labeled what it is- a sham!

Christie reiterated his pledge to veto any measure expanding marriage rights, but announced that he has asked Republicans in the legislature to support a popular referendum on the issue:

via Chris Christie Doubles Down On Same-Sex Marriage Referendum: ‘This Is The Bargain Of Your Life!’ | ThinkProgress.

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