The folks over at the certified hate group, National Organization for Marriage have been going crazier than usual since last week’s ruling by the 9th circuit appeals court that California Prop 8 was unconstitutional. Almost daily, there is an email asking for money and spreading lies and misinformation as the tool to get that cash. Like this:

So when all that work—and the voices of seven million voters—was swept aside by two anti-marriage judges, we had every right to be outraged!

The truth of the matter, is that the judges did nothing to the vote of seven million voters. The judges looked at the case to determine if the actions were aligned with the constitution or unconstitutional, and they found it to be unconstitutional. It would not have mattered how Prop 8 came into being. If it had been an act of legislation or a referendum vote, it still has to be constitutional. Every law must be constitutional. Now, in a theocracy, the moral positions of some can be forced upon the whole, but we don’t currently live in a theocracy.  So this part of this email is an utter lie.

Last week, the lie and misinformation was about the decision coming from only two judges. They played this up big time that the court was divided. But this isn’t really all that true either. Yes, one judge cast a dissenting vote, but if you read his decision, he really isn’t saying he agrees with NOM.

But we are not going to back down. At the end of the day, this setback will be simply a speed bump on our way to final victory at the U.S. Supreme Court…but only if we have the resources to see this case all the way through to the end.

This part is more honest. Now that their have used fear and misinformation to get their reader worked up, they ask for money. Here’s the thing though. The US Supreme Court may refuse to hear the case, because it really only impacts California. While it helps the nation-wide struggle for full marriage Equality, the ruling is such that it doesn’t cause any other state to accept same-sex marriage. Most believe that eventually the Supreme Court will decide but like in Loving vs Virginia, that may come later, after there are more states already accepting same-sex marriage. The Court could rule that Prop 8 is constitutional, although this is unlikely with the current Supreme Court- not impossible- but unlikely. Or it could uphold the lower court’s ruling. If I were a betting man, I’d say they are most likely to not accept the case, and then, next most likely to uphold it.

Why did I label this post, “Sinning for marriage”? Because it is a sin to bear false witness or to tell something other than the truth. NOM seeks to set the moral ground, and yet acts immorally to achieve their desired outcomes. Sad and disgusting. Personally, they have every right to disagree with the judges and thank the ruling is wrong, but they do not get to make up facts or spread lies and misinformation in the name of fear mongering.

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