A vote on House Bill (HB) 1434 is scheduled for TUESDAY, MARCH 13 in the House State Government Committee.  Now is the time to let your voice be heard.

HB 1434, proposed by Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, would not only amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to define marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman, it would invalidate any other type of legal union or one substantially equivalent.  That means any discussion of civil unions or domestic partnerships would forever be off the table for consideration.  Passage of this legislation will also forcefully terminate benefits currently provided to thousands of employees in municipalities or state owned schools or facilities that offer domestic partnership benefits.

Had enough?  Then take the following steps ASAP:

1. Call members of the House State Government Committee TODAY and tell them NOT to support HB 1434.

2. Who are the Members of the House State Government Committee?

Majority (Republicans)
Daryl Metcalfe – Chairman                 (717) 783-1707   District: (724) 772-3110
Seth Grove                                         (717) 783-2655   District: (717) 767-3947
Jim Cox                                              (717) 772-2435   District: (610) 670-0139
Matt Gabler                                         (717) 260-6142   District:  (814) 375-4688
Lynda Schlegel-Culver                       (717) 787-3485   District: (570) 286-5885
George Dunbar                                  (717) 260-6132   District: (724) 744-0305
Eli Evankovich                                    (717) 260-6129   District: (724) 387-1281
Glenn Grell                                         (717) 783-2063   District: (717) 795-6091
Marcia Hahn                                       (717) 783-8573  District: (610) 746-2100
Rob W. Kauffman                              (717) 705-2004   District: (717) 264-3943
Jerry Knowles                                     (717) 787-9029   District: (570) 668-1240
Timothy Krieger                                  (717) 260-6146   District: (724) 834-6400
Mark Mustio                                         (717) 787-6651   District: (412) 262-3780
Brad Roae                                           (717) 787-2353   District: (814) 336-5154
Jerry Stern                                           (717) 787-9020   District: (814) 695-2398

Minority (Democrats) 
Babette Josephs – Chairman               (717) 787-8529  District: (215) 893-1515
Tony Payton                                         (717) 787-1354  District: (215) 744-7901
Greg Vitali                                             (717) 787-7647  District: (610) 789-3900
Steve Samuelson                                 (717) 705-1881  District: (610) 867-3890
Tim Briggs                                            (717) 705-7011  District: (610) 768-3135
Angel Cruz                                            (717) 787-1407  District: (215) 291-5643
Eugene DePasquale                            (717) 787-7514  District: (717) 848-9595
Florindo Fabrizio                                  (717) 787-4358  District: (814) 455-6319
Eddie Day Pashinski                           (717) 783-0686  District: (570) 825-5934
Steven Santarsiero                              (717) 787-5475  District (215) 968-3975

Want to email them too?


3. Don’t know what to say when you call?  Here are some points:

  • HB 1434 doesn’t create 1 job.  Let’s stick to REAL issues.
  • HB 1434 COSTS.  At a time when the state budget is tight beyond words, no-one is talking about the estimated $600,000-$1million it will cost taxpayers to advertise this amendment to voters should it pass the General Assembly.  Where will that money come from?
  • Same sex marriage is already illegal in Pennsylvania.  A constitutional amendment does nothing more to that status and is unnecessary and mean-spirited.
  • Passage of this legislation will forcefully terminate benefits currently provided to thousands of employees in municipalities or state owned schools or facilities that offer domestic partnership benefits.
  • Support for this type of hurtful legislation is waning nationwide and in Pennsylvania.  The last time a constitutional amendment was introduced in the House of the General Assembly in 2006, there were 87 co-sponsors.  HB 1434 was introduced with only 35 cosponsors.  That’s a steep decline in support.
  • Pennsylvanians AREN’T calling for this amendment.  Not one legitimate poll exists showing Pennsylvanians in favor of this amendment. 

  1.      4. Attend the meeting of the House State Government Committee:

Tuesday, March 13 9:00 am

Room G-50, Irvis Office Building (NEXT TO THE CAPITOL BUILDING)

(Meet in the Capitol Rotunda at 8:30am.)

Please be respectful.  However, please come prepared to pack the room.
Signs are welcome.

5. Call your representative TODAY (they may or may not be on the House State Government Committee) and enlist your friends and family to do the same. Don’t know who represents you, click here http://hq-equalityfederation.salsalabs.com/o/35029/getLocal.jsp

NOW is the time to let your voices be heard.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  The General Assembly needs to be dealing with REAL issues not spending its time attacking LGBT people.

 PLEASE share this information!


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