So the National Organixzation Against Gay People AKA National Organization for Marriage (NOM is up in arms about Starbucks and they think they can pressure the Coffee giant into submission. I’m doubtful that will happen. They claim in a fundraising email (It really is all about fund raising) that 20,000 have signed onto their petition. Maybe these are all Tea Party coffee haters, or just folks who love to discriminate againast gays and lesbians. Evither way, as I see it it, keep up the good work NOM!

dump starbucks





Keep getting those homophobves to dump starbucks!


As I see it, you homophobes are pretty loud and viscious, but there aren’t that many of you given how big this country really is.  Try as hard as you want, and while you may get more signatures, it won’t be enough to really impact the bottom line at Starbucks (and it really is all about the bottom line). But what you will accomplish, is getting one or more homophobes outta line so I can get my morning coffee just a bit quicker!  Sounds like a winner for me!

Can I make a few suggestions for your next targets?  How about Microsoft!  They are supporting Same-sex marriage in Washington! Heathan computer giant trying to destroy the Family just like that damned Starbucks!  Go ahead all you NOM bigots! Give up your Windows XP and Windows Vista computers! Dump those laptops and desktops and show that big corporation that you mean business. And after that, there is Apple.  Those bastards at Apple support Same-sex marriage too. You dump those two big corporate giants and show the world!  Seems like a win-win to me! Imagine how nice the internet will be without all the spewed hate youy guys spread? With no computers, what the hell you guys gonna do?

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