I’m very surrised to be linking to a conservative blog for this post, but it is what it is. The quote below is from Human Events, a conservative voice, and the opening sets the stage for my post here.

As a gay-marriage proponent, I was pleased to learn that then-Governor Willard Mitt Romney (R – Massachusetts) issued at least 189 special-issue, one-day marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2005 alone. These documents let these 378 people enjoy nuptials officiated by relatives, friends, and others who normally do not perform weddings.

This boost for gay marriage surprised me, given Romney’s numerous contrary pronouncements on the matter.

“I agree with 3,000 years of recorded history,” Romney announced as governor. “Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman.”

“I oppose same-sex marriage,” Romney declared at Iowa’s December 15 GOP debate. “That’s been my position from the beginning.”

The other day I was listening to Michelangelo Signorele as he talked about the need for Obama to stop evolving and come out for Same-sex Marriage, or there will be no real difference between the Democrat and GOP candidate on this issue. He made some good points that I almost agreed with for the most part, although I don’t think it is really that simple. True, Romney could say, “…my view is the same as the President’s. I’m for Civil Unions but I do not support Same-sex Marriage.”  This may seem to be similar to the President’s position. In really, actions speak louder than words. While the President has a history now of taking actions that demonstrate support for Same-sex marriage, such as refusing to defend DOMA, Romney’s actions include flip-flopping, and signing on to the National Organization for Marriage’s pledge. The pledge demands that the candidate, if elected use the office to promote “traditional marriage” and work to defeat same-sex marriage. Romney’s actions include funding NOM’s work as well as as the Mormon Church which was one of the biggest financial supporters for Prop 8 in California.

What do you think? Is it time for Obama to come out and say that he supports Same-sex Marriage? If he doesn’t, do you think that Romney can really claim to hold a position similar to Obama’s? Leave a comment and let me know.

via As Governor, Romney Said “I Do” To Gay Marriage ? AT Least 189 Times – HUMAN EVENTS.

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