I am sick and tired of hearing news reports and commentary that keep referring to what Romeny did to a kid a long long time ago as bullying. It is just crazy, and I especially wish LGBT Activists would stop it.

Because the notion of bullying, doesn’t go far enough in any way, shape of form in describing the horrific event, and I actually think the LGBTQ media is partly to blame if this blows over as if it were no big deal.

Now, in no way, do I mean to suggeast that bullying isn’t a problem and that we don’t need to stop bullying, but what Romney did is so far from just bullying, and the real details of it must, must, must, be talked about in other language than the word bullying. That word doesn’t sanitize it so much, but it covers the really harsh and jagged edges of the violence committed against a young boy. Bully, he did but it was so much worse than just that.

So, in a nutshell, here it is. Romney and a group of fellow bullies sought out a boy they perceived to be gay. They sought him out, and they attacked him and held him down and Romney cut off his hair. He cut off his hair against the boy’s wishes whiile the boy screamed and attempted to get away and while other boys helped hold him down.

A group of guys see a kid they think is gay and call him a faggot. That’s bullying.

Some kid pushes or hits or knocks books out of a queer kid’s hands. That’s bullying.

Romney and others sought out this kid, and invaded his body! There is only one way his body could have been more invaded against his will and that would have been rape. They cut off his hair. They physically took a part of this boy’s identity and his body and his life, while he lay kicking and screaming and trying to get away.

This act of physical violation was so much more than just bullying. Yes, bullying, but to only call it that misses the full weight and sickening reality of what was done to this boy.

You! Imagine your son or your daughter, or your brother or sister or someone you know. Close you eyes and think about a group of kids stalking that person, and overpowering them and holding that person down kicking and screaming, and cutting off their hair. Imagine the moments after that kid is realeased from being held down and their hair is severed, and violated and there is no way to step back. What Romney did was a truly violent act of invasion of another’s body. No invasion is worse except for rape.

Stop saying Romney bullied that kid and start talking about the level of violence he actually perpetrated simply because they perceived the victim to be gay. And picture Romney doing that to your kid or some kid you know. And then ask yourself, should it matter in the election of 2012.

Mitt Romney Bullying Story Creates Message Headache For House Vote.

  • Benjamin Quiñones

    Maybe Romney acted tough with his buddies around. I do not believe he had the guts to do it alone.

    • That may well be. It is always easier for people do to violence when supported in someway. 1) It doesn’t negate the level of physical violence that occurred; nor 2) does it excuse him. Interestingly a number of those involved vividly remember the incident, and if Romney is truthful, he has no memory of it, which suggests so insignificant he feels it is to inflict such violence. Bullies are not leaders. They are just violent people. Is that really the type of person we need to lead us forward?

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