Really great piece on Americablog about Obama and Gay Marriage. Read it all, but here is a good clip:

This is not about Obama. It’s about us.

The nation is increasingly open to marriage equality because we have been listening and learning – from our friends, from pop culture and from the strides made by the gay rights community.

I don’t think history will remember the President’s announcement for his personal narrative. The breakthrough here is that the country was ready for an incumbent president to put marriage equality in the center of a major political party. In fact, a position that *none* of the Demcratic president candidates held last cycle will now be in the party platform.

In American politics, we have this mythology about courageous politicans who do the right thing against their political interest.

But isn’t it even more encouraging when doing the right thing has just become good politics?

via Gay Politics | AMERICAblog Gay: More on “it’s just politics” that Obama supported gay marriage.

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