When asked how opposition to same-sex marriage is not the same as opposition to interracial marriage, Gallagher explains that the purpose of marriage is so that a mommy and a daddy can have babies and raise a family. As cute as that sounds, it is a very real redefinition of marriage, unless you see a woman as being an object owned by a man for procreation. That is the only way to “align” Maggie’s definition of marriage with any Biblical history, and that is really stretching it.

Maggie’s point ignores how many single family parents are out there, and how many same-sex couples raise children. It might be different if she acknowledged that, but alas, too much to ask I guess.

Maggie claims that the opposition of interracial marriage was about keeping two races distinct so one could have power over the other, but is that really true? Was it about purity? Power?  Or more than that?  I think, very much like same-sex marriage, it was about a few close-minded folks trying to control how others chose to identify and create families. Allowing inter-racial marriage didn’t do anything negative to anyone else’s marriage, nor will accepting same-sex marriage.  Straight people will continue to get married, and families will be multi-faceted as they are today.


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