A date has now been set for the PA court challenge to th PA VoterID Bill. Opponents of the law claim it is designs to suppress voters who are most generally democrat voters while proponents believe the law will protect against illegal alien voters. The bill was crafted by ALEC, and is part of a multi-state voter suppression effort.

The linked story is one of the best ive read, and articulates well some of the issues the law introduces. Any bill designed to help voters but introduces problems that keep people from voting is a very bad sign. Or a really good sign as it demonstrates the real agenda of the law.

July 25 of this year was the date set in PA Commonwealth Court, a significant development in itself, according to the lead attorney for the plaintiffs, Witold “Vic” Walczak, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of PA. Walczak said that presiding Judge Robert Simpson overruled the Commonwealth’s argument that a September date would be sufficient and scheduled an evidentiary hearing in the case, Applewhite v. Commonwealth of PA.

Like every other aspect of this law, the State has railroaded through a bill that has no evidence out there to support that it is either needed or will accomplish its goal. That the State hoped to go to trial in September, just nine weeks before a Presidential election smacks of the same voter suppression efforts.

via Trial Date Set for Court Challenge to PA Voter ID Law as State Offers Another Option on Burdensome Procedures — Citizens’ Call.

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