The linked story is about the debate, and given DailyKOS, it is not a surprise that they call Barrett the winner.  But really, isn’t the whole recall because Walker is such a loser, and should be recalled? How is it then, that he is seen as either neck and neck or winning in some polls?

For me, the bigger question is, what does a Walker “win” mean for Pennsylvania?  Some may say, nothing, but I don’t agree.  We have watched a Tea Party and GOP-led PA government enact laws and act in very many ways just like WI. And, now, with the Tom Corbett shaking up his staff, I think even darker days are ahead in PA if Walker wins his re-call election in WI.

The Progressive vs GOP struggle acrtoss the entire country is being played out like a tug of war. The rope is taught, and each team is holding on for dear life, waiting for that strategic moment to start to pull like there is no tomorrow. Walker’s army pulled too soon, and there was a backlash that they didn’t anticipate. You only make those errors once, and then, you pick the right moment to try again, and this time, make no error.

Scott Walker actually tweeted shortly before the debate that a win for him would be “simple.” Bad move, soon-to-be-former-Governor Walker. It turns out debating is hard when your opponent is armed with facts and motivated to crush you. Overconfidence can get you killed.

What can we do here in PA? Keep fighting like our lives depend upon it, because in many ways they do. And, lend our support in any way we can to WI and the recall, and (hopeful) victory of Barrett over Walker. The WI battle isn’t all about WI.  It is about a GOP=led agenda to destroy the voting power of progressives. We need to be caring about that here in PA before it is too late.

via Daily Kos: Wi Gov Recall Debate: Ward Cleaver kicks Eddie Haskell’s a$$.

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