Follow the URL below to find out more about the Pittsburgh Queer Music and Performance Festival to be held June 23rd from 3PM-1AM!

Here is what I received in an email about it:

The idea behind it, and the reason we feel it’s so important to put on an all day queer music festival in Pittsburgh, is to help the queer music scene in Pittsburgh grow by supporting and strengthening our community and to provide a space for queer artists to feel comfortable in expressing themselves fully. This is an all-inclusive festival for everyone with an open mind-whether straight, gay, queer, whatever…. but to have it be fronted from a queer perspective, rather than the mostly straight normative culture that often dominates Pittsburgh’s music scene.

We hope that in putting on this event, queer musicians from out of town will see how wonderful Pittsburgh’s queer community is and will spread the word, possibly bringing more acts through town on a regular basis. We also hope that local folks will be inspired to start their own performance endeavors adding a colorful dynamic to our city!

The performers that we are bringing in from out of town include Katey Red, a musician that has emerged from New Orleans creating a totally new genre of rap and dance called sissy bounce. We are so fortunate to be able to bring her here, she is AMAZING!!! We also are bringing in Nicky Click, a pop princess from Boston providing an energetic and dancey atmosphere. We also have Sgt. Sass and The Coolots from Philly. Sgt.Sass is a two-person rap troupe and The Coolots are a 5 piece female funk and soul group. Locally we have some people performing for the first time since this event, as a safe space, is the perfect venue for them to give performing a go. We also have more well known acts such as Bekezela doing spoken word, Layne James and the Bang Gang, Slagwomb, Vercua la’piranha, Cherri Baum, Phat man dee, Lilith Deville, and more.

In addition to accepting donations at the door of $5-$15, they are looking for other donations so that they can cover all the costs of the festival. This looks like an awesome event for the Pittsburgh Queer community, and I hope you consider supporting the event.

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