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The problem of polling and interpreting the polls: SCOTUS rules on the Affordable Care Act

The link below is to a CNN article about the Supreme Courts decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act in full, a prospect many were not counting on. Opponents of the legislation often have pointed to polls that show a number of people opposed to the legislation. But finally, this gets pointed out: Previous surveys have indicated that some who oppose the law do so because they think it doesn’t go far enough. Early on,[Read More…]

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Equality PA Brings White House Appointee to Pittsburgh

Today, there is a special meeting/presentation by Equality PA to host Obama appointee, Chai Feldblum.  Here are the details: Friends: Over the past several months, Equality PA has had the pleasure and honor of developing a great working relationship with The White House. In that time, we’ve worked to bring Obama Administration appointees and thought-leaders into close contact with numerous members and allies of the state’s LGBT Community for conversation and learning. On Tuesday, June 26[Read More…]

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The holy war we didn’t ask for.

The holy war we didn’t ask for.

So, the battle isn’t holy in the sense of being “with God” or even “with Religion,” in the biggest sense of the term, but rather, this is the last and desperate attempts by a group of human beings in Rome to control the lives of others in the name of their religion.

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Ballotpedia is a great resource!

Ballotpedia is a great resource!

If you aren’t familiar with it, check out the Ballotpedia, a Wikipedia-type site that provides a ton of great info in an interactive format.

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Diverse Communities: Kicking out the Bisexuals?

What I do want to really own from Jillian’s position however, is that today, more than ever before, we have a need to both accentuate our differences, and at the same time embrace our togetherness. Even if we can easily see how to cut ourselves up into isolated parts, there is enormous value in owning our connectedness which makes us one community full of diversity. Our sense of community isn’t about how we are alike, but rather, our willingness to celebrate our differences without it harming our individual or collective identity.

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NCTE releases Trans student resource.

To help students understand and assert their rights in schools, the National Center for Transgender Equality is releasing Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students: Your Rights at School, a new resource that outlines the laws protecting trans people in school and steps for bringing harassment and discrimination complaints to the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. via NCTE Release Student’s “Know Your Rights” Guide « National Center for Transgender Equality’s Blog.

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Five Actions That LGBT Americans Can Do

Activism doesn’t always mean doing big and risky things. Somethings the best for of activism, is just being, and making sure to do what you can do, rather than rationalize why you can’t do something else. These five things are things that anyone of us can do, ad we all need to do:

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Gay History 101: Gay Days at Disney

This is from Box Turtle Bulletin’s Daily Agenda, and I thought it was interesting. As we struggle today for same-sex marriage and full equality, it may be helpful to remember that it wasn’t that many years ago, when there was very little gay visibility, let alone public support for our basic civil rights. My, how far we have come, even if we still have farther to go! I have never been to Gay Days at[Read More…]

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Ninth Circuit Judges Politicize the Court with Dissenting Opinions.

The Ninth Circuit was not really asked if it as a whole body supports Prop 8 or not. It was merely asked if it wanted to re-hear the appeal. The reason it would re-hear the appeal would be if, a majority of the judges felt that the both sides had not had a fair trail in the first appeal before the three judge panel. Today’s actions merely mean that the whole court, or a majority of the 26 justices believed that the three panel judgement was fair, reasoned and based on sound judicial principles.

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BREAKING: Marriage to begin again in CA or onto to SCOTUS

The linked story is an excellent read concerning what today’s ruling means: Assuming that the proponents will seek Supreme Court review of their appellate loss, they would file a petition for a writ of certiorari. The plaintiffs and the state defendants — who have opposed Proposition 8’s constitutionality — as well as outside groups and individuals would then be able to file a response to the proponents’ filing. The Supreme Court, which generally recesses for the[Read More…]

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