The linked blog post is a must read, in my opinion for any gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, or allied supporter. Here is a snip: (emphasis is mine)

With the recent decisions on the DOMA and Proposition 8 court cases, the odds have dramatically increased that the United States Supreme Court will likely hear one or both of those cases. In many ways, besides donating to the legal teams fighting those cases, the rest of us might feel relegated to the sidelines hoping for the best. However there are five actions that each and everyone of us can take to help ensure a victory.

Activism doesn’t always mean doing big and risky things. Somethings the best for of activism, is just being, and making sure to do what you can do, rather than rationalize why you can’t do something else. These five things are things that anyone of us can do, ad we all need to do: David is right on target here. If I would make any additional comment, it would be that in addition to electing Tammy Baldwin, we must elect LGBTQ supportive legislators everywhere, and out and proud LGBT candidates deserve our flu support at every level of government. I appreciate this sentiment:

I will never forget when former Senator Ed Brooke (R- MA) was the first African-American elected directly to the United States Senate in 1966, it changed how many decision-makers in our nation’s Capitol looked at the world.

What’s the #6 thing? Read the other five and then get to work!

via – Live From Hell’s Kitchen.

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