This video is a ton of fun, and I don’t really mean to wreck it by trying to lay over it deep intellectual meanings. However, this is my blog, and looking for meaning is a part of what I do, so here goes.

The “Call me maybe” song is pure fun, and I’ve enjoyed hearing it. I’ve also enjoyed a number of the video parodies of it, but this one is the big winner in my book. Herer a group of very masculine guys, have a playful take on the Dolphin cheerleader’s version of the song. And these brave, courageous men are a real hoot! There would have been a time when real men wouldn’t have for a minute allowed themselves to appear so… gay. But no more. Masculinity or butchness, is about the whole of a man, and that includes hos ability to be fun and playful. In a more practical sense, I am in awe of the ways these men find to break the tension and stress of being in a war zone. More power to you!


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