The linked article below, is about the next set of struggles in the fight for full marriage equality, but these two comments really jumped out at me (emphasis is mine):

San Francisco Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone noted in the days after the vote that gay-marriage opponents were badly outspent by gay-rights groups, and bishops are grappling with how they can be more persuasive.

“The election is a symptom of a much larger problem,” Archbishop Cordileone told The Associated Press. “Most people don’t understand what marriage is.”

In other words, the American people who support marriage equality are stupid in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Church is looking for ways to be more a bigger player in political battles over this issue. Does that sound like the type of effort of a non-profit, or of a lobbyist group?

I especially love the notion that people don’t know what marriage is. Reminds me of why Cathedrals had stained glass windows- as a way to teach the Bible stories to the ignorant masses who couldn’t read. The church hierarchy still perceives the masses as ignorant.

This argument may be worthwhile to the church. With it, they side-step the real issue which is Civil Marriage, and the fact that a secular government issues marriage licenses. By trying to frame the issue as “what marriage is” they don’t have to be honest about their desire to treat gays and lesbians as less than equal persons. It is al about homophobia in the end.

While we watch progress at the Supreme Court as well as across the country, we must also put effort into stopping the growing role of Catholic Church as government influencer. Or, the Church needs to lose their tax exempt status and call themselves a lobbying firm. Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and supportive allies across the country must press for the tax exempt status of the Catholic Church to be revoked. Few actions will be as important in the coming next wave of activism.

via Emboldened gay-marriage supporters now want more – Washington Times.

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