Blogger’s note: This is the first of a series of “kudos” posts designed to highlight awesome work by others. Too often, on a blog, the content is critical and not often enough congratulatory. So, here are some kudos to change that.

So … many months ago PG columnist Tony Norman used the term “sexual preference” in an otherwise positive column. When I called him on it, he explained that it was simply a matter of language evolving and that sexual orientation was the newest terminology. After some back and forth, he agreed to take a gander at the GLAAD media guide.

This snip and the linked blog post below is from Sue Kerr at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, and the post was actually about a panel Sue facilitated at Podcamp. I didn’t see the panel- I was sick and spent the weekend in bed. But I wanted to draw attention to the earlier action upon which Sue decided to have this panel. Sue read something and felt the writer could have used more appropriate language and she pointed him to the GLAAD media guide.

You don’t have to be a blogger to do something like this. Anyone reading the paper, or a magazine, or listening to the radio, or [fill in the media source blank] could do this. I say that, not to take away from Sue, but to point out that you dear reader are capable too- you have everything you need- so follow Sue’s example.

The language used to talk about gay, lesbian, bi, trans and queer folks and issues is important especially in the mainstream media but really everywhere. We all serve as advocates for change when we help someone come to understand better language to discuss us and the issues impacting us. And it doesn’t have to be hard or confrontational! All you have to do is alert someone of the GLAAD media guide.

So, kudos to Sue and a nod to everyone to follow Sue’s lead!

via Our Session at Podcamp Pittsburgh – Fairness and Accuracy in Language | Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents.