WHITEHOUSE STATION, N.J. AP — Mercks charitable foundation has stopped giving money to the Boy Scouts of America.The Merck Foundation says the Boy Scouts exclusion of gays from its ranks and leadership positions conflicts with giving guidelines and the companys nondiscrimination policy.The foundation says it will reconsider giving money to the Boy Scouts if they change their policy on sexual orientation.

This is big news! The Merck Foundation has decided to stop funding the Boy Scouts of America over the organization’s ongoing discrimination based on sexual orientation. This is the type of corporate action we need to see if we are to fight anti-gay discrimination within powerful and important organizations. Too often, the rhetoric is that an organization does so much good that pulling their funding would hurt too many. Such fallacious arguments must be identified for the garbage that they are. For every dollar used to perpetuate anti-gay discrimination does massive harm too.

via Merck Foundation stops giving to Boy Scouts – Businessweek.

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