I get emails from the Tea Party Patriots, and today’s email claims they are trying to save The American Dream. I want to know whose dream they are talking about, because my dream and theirs may not be the same one.

The Tea Party Patriots is really a fake astro-turf big money GOP driven messaging spin that pretends to look like a grassroots effort. In this “plan”, that they call comprehensive, there is no real budget presented in any way. Just, like every other GOP led budget effort, some broad vague ideas and the claim that it will work.  Yea, right, and this snake oil I have to sell will cure anything that ails you.

It is a pretty good piece of marketing spin containing all the right (pun intended) buzzwords such as constitutional and balanced. Really it is just another effort to restrict the role of government and cut everything except defense. My American Dream has opportunities for everyone, and ensures that every American can achieve their goals. Their vague plan won’t make my American Dream a reality.

The first thing I want to comment on, is the idea of a balanced budget. I completely agree that spending can not be unbridled.  The idea of a balanced budget is a wonderful one, but the reality is that a budget is a guild, and sometimes people can be on budget, sometimes under and sometimes over. It happens. Cutting all non-defense discretionary spending will not a balanced budget produce. Two wars, the Bush tax cuts, and Bush’s unpaid-for Medicare Part D are what took us way over budget to begin with and wiped away the budget surplus to begin with. Then the Financial Crisis spawned by irresponsible banks and Wall Street deepened it even more.

I would love to see a balanced budget, more more importantly, I want to see a plan that allows the government to account for handling those situations where going over budget is inescapable. Even my home budget is over sometimes. More importantly is if I can adjust and have a plan to get it back under control without harming my standard of living too much. And charting out budget forecasting plans  to keep my budget as accurate and good as possible.

The next big part of the BS here is item #4. While the Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, it is a first big step towards getting health care costs under control. Eliminating the ACA will not balance the budget, and will set us back even farther towards fixing the broken health care system in our country. This is just plain old Obama bashing. Nothing more.

In terms of budget control, the defense budget has many places where waste can be cut out every bit as much as the non-defense spending. This can be done without harming the security of our country. Anyone who really cares about a solvent US Government would not take defense spending out of the equation.

For all the rhetoric about caring about the American Dream, it is high time to stop the political spin and get down to real negotiating and the hard work of protecting the Dream for every American- not just the rich white ones.

This lack of attention to quality plans is why Tea Party Patriots is proud to bring a comprehensive plan to balance the budget and enact tax reform to your attention. That plan is the Heritage Foundation’s “Saving the American Dream” budget proposal.

How will this plan save the American Dream? Unlike the proposals being bandied about in Congress, it will:

  1. Enact legitimate tax reform.
  2. Make Medicare and Social Security solvent for generations.
  3. Eliminate much of the unconstitutional non-defense discretionary spending in subsidies, education, and other areas of the federal budget.
  4. Get rid of the Affordable Care Act.
  5. Balance the budget in 10 years.


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