We have seen a number of stories over the past year, about support for LGBTQ issues in professional sports, and when we say, professional sports, we generally are talking about baseball, American football, hockey, or soccer. But still, have not yet watched a major player of a professional sport, come out as a gay person, until today. Today, we watched a professional athlete, come out and in a way that matters more than anyone has yet really discussed.

Pro bowler Scott Norton, after winning his game kissed and hugged his husband. Not a big coming out announcement or press conference, just a warm, heartfelt real moment of intimacy between two individuals treated as utterly status quo by the sports broadcasters.
Won’t it be a wonderful place, our world, when everyone’s joyful intimate displays are treated so nonchalantly?
While not as sexy a sport as some others, bowling is an especially important arena for this to happen. Over 3.2 million people compete in bowling leagues and about 71 million bowl just for fun. Not everyone can be a pro quarterback, but anyone can roll a strike. Being out in bowling accentuates the reality that we are everywhere, including bowling alleys across the country.


I love the pure humanness of this, as it stands in stark contrast to the very evil and frightening admonishments spread by the anti-gay folks. How scary is it for two husbands to support each other and celebrate a major win with a kiss? Not very.

Here’s the story from the Advocate.

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