The linked story lists four theories over ideas about why Hillary Clinton walked away from scathing hearings with more public support than ever.  I watched part of the proceedings, and even I, a very far left guy, wondered why she hadn’t lost her job over this. But after doing as much research as I can, I’d add another idea as to why this incident didn’t affect her standing with the American people.

At the hearing, Paul claimed that Benghazi was Americas “greatest tragedy since 9/11,” a reflection of just how seriously Republicans have treated the incident. But ask nearly any Democrat and they’ll tell you such comparisons are ridiculous, particularly following a decade in which America was involved in two bloody wars, not to mention a school shooting in December in which 20 six-year-old children were killed by a lone gunman.

The American people are tremendously divided over the direction of our country as evidenced by the recent, extremely difficult election. However, America’s low opinion of Congress doesn’t track consistently with those broader philosophical differences.  Practically no one believes Congress is doing its job. The three ring circus created by the Republicans over Benghazi is just one example, and Paul’s outrageous claim- that this is the biggest tragedy since 9/11 captures it so clearly. When a group of people who can not do their own jobs, makes such claims about someone who has done a truly amazing and positive job, few people are going to buy into it. Its that simple. If you want to have any authority to criticize others, you better be able to demonstrate that you are competent at your own job.

Idiots like Rand Paul won an election when the American People were clamoring for job creation. For the Far Right, every effort had to be made to harm the Administration. For the Far Left, Obama had not been progressive enough or fought hard enough (for example: the Public Option). And for everyone in between these extremes, the single most important agenda was the economy and job creation.

But where are the jobs, and what has this new Congress accomplished? Absolutely nothing. So, that is my idea why Clinton and the Administration didn’t receive more backlash and trouble over Benghazi. These folks like Rand Paul are too incompetent and everyone knows it.

Other than this idea, I think Maasss’s ideas are really good. The Benghazi tragedy was truly a tragedy, and in terms of action, the Administration and Clinton did the exact right thing. They sought an independent investigation and then accepted the results of that inquiry. Although I don’t agree with Maass that this was merely damage control. It was simply the right action.

Additionally, the Republicans tried to make a controversy where one wasn’t so apparent. They had all the ammunition they needed with the scathing report, but by focusing all their attention on the issue of what Rice said and when the White House knew what was failed from the start.

We saw this so clearly in Clinton’s hearing as she was battered over and over about why she didn’t just make a phone call and ask if there had been a crowd and a protest. This was the most lunatic idea! And the American people remember the image of Bush reading to school children even after he had been alerted to the events on 9/11 .

I am sure we haven’t heard the last of this if Clinton does seek the presidency. The Republican plan of attack has been to create a knee jerk response in the American people, but over and over again they fail to follow up with real action. And most of us are really getting tired of it. But that doesn’t seem to stop them.

via Why Benghazi didn’t bring down Hillary Clinton – The Week.

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  1. BonnieHalfElven says:

    The only thing congress is capable of these days is creating drama where there is none. I congratulate Clinton for not rolling her eyes at any point during the hearing, especially the “greatest tragedy since 9/11” remark.