I don’t often quote Right Wing Watch, but I found the linked post to be especially good rereading. And, I’ve been wanting to begin to use the term “Christianist” which I believe is a valuable descriptor for separating out the conflict with those who use religion as a weapon in the name of Christ, from those who simply hold strong conservative Christian beliefs. I’ll be writing more and more about this distinction, and I hope it prompts commenting by my readers. I have written much about what I’ve called an American Theocracy. The American Theocracy, is the structural entity, that the Christianists desire to create. Christianists are the “who” and the Theocracy is the “what.”

Boykin, like his boss Tony Perkins is all about waging a war, and so I thought it would be interesting to do a quick search looking at Jesus Christ, the center piece of Christianity and War. Much as mainstream Muslins condemn the radical Islamists of bastardizing their Faith to promote violence against the innocent, the Christianists are guilty of the same. Jesus can not be described as supporting violence or War. The closest one can get to even an attempt to see Him that way, is to call his actions in the Temple where he supposedly over-turned the tables of the money changers. This however, is more closely like an action of Civil Disobedience. It harmed no one, and purposefully drew attention to a cause- the plight of the poor at the hands of the legalistic rich and religious machine.

“Boykin hopes to apply the strategies he learned in the Special Forces,” WORLD’s Edward Lee Pitts reports, and Boykin warned that there is an attempt to “remove God from society” and replace God with “evil.”

As the LGBTQ community sees massive and growing cultural support for Equality, we must not turn a blind eye to the Far Right extremists who are not going to go away quietly. They believe they need Special Forces strategies, and they aren’t talking about using Prayer. They, are at war with you and I and anyone who promotes Equality.

I don’t usually promote Christian theology-like writing, but I found this an interesting contrast to the War against Evil attitude espoused by Boykin. Here is what Robert Roberg has to say about Jesus and War. Here was my favorite gem in his site:

Did you know there are more scriptures about peace than salvation in the New Testament?


via Boykin Sees Religious Right Advocacy as Continuation of the War on Terror | Right Wing Watch.

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