The linked commentary below isn’t new, but came up today in a Google search, and I thought it was still utterly fitting and totally worth emphasizing.

“Counting the states including the District of Columbia that allow same-sex marriage, and the number of years it has been legal in each, we have about twenty years experience with it. What unintended negative consequences have there been so far?”The honest answer would be “none.”

The reality is that the fight against same-sex marriage, isn’t really about “Marriage” at all. It is 100% about anti-homosexuality and the desire of the homo-haters to make LGBTQ people out to be a frightening other. Marriage comes into play because when we accept same-sex relationships as equal to opposite-sex couples in a legal context, there can be no more discrimination against gay, lesbian, bi, and trans persons in any way. The governmental/legal recognition of normal-ness of our relationships is a recognition to our normal-ness as human beings.

It is part of why Court rulings have most often found in favor of same-sex marriage, while popular votes have not. In the context of the court, the exact legal arguments are the basis for the decisions. In the arena of public voting, the fear mongering machines have at it, and people are sways to vote against fairness by the provocation of fears- all of which are unwarranted. But fear mongering, even fallacious fears is hard to counteract.

No where, that same-sex marriage has been legalized can any negative impact be measured. Because allowing legal recognition of committed relationships can only be good for our communities and society as a whole

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