Saw this on Joe.My.Good (emphasis mine):

No one is demanding that any homosexual become a heterosexual, or that homosexuals be in any way harmed, demeaned, or persecuted. To the contrary, true Christians should and do show the love of Christ to every image-bearer of God, whether that person is homosexual or heterosexual. Period. We simply believe that sexual intimacy is reserved by God for heterosexual, monogamous marriage. That’s inconvenient and difficult for many of us, heterosexual and homosexual. It’s also what we believe the Word of God says. Therefore, for us it is determinative of not just belief but also practice.” – Rob Schwarzwalder, vice president of a hate group that endorses “ex-gay” torture, calls for the recriminalization of homosexuality, and regularly declares that all gay men are potential pedophiles.

This Rob Schwarzwalder is with the Family Research Council. Joe.My.God uses this passage to simply point out the hate mongering and lying nature of hate monger’s. However, I want to highlight a different perspective.

What does God want?

The Family Research Council is the  preeminent Christianist organization rivaled only perhaps, by the Roman Catholic Church. Both groups are top notch at pushing for an American Theocracy in their attempts to subvert democracy with cultish following of myth and fallacy. Don’t misunderstand me. I have nothing against Religion, and I am happy to promote Faith. But these endeavors are all about an individual’s choice and belief system, and do not require forcing one’s beliefs onto others. For me, that is the dividing line between Christians and Christianists. The former walk their own walk while the latter attempt to control others.

No where can we find any documentation that says, “This is what God thinks of marriage and relationships.”  Even where Biblical passages are offered, these require interpretation and are far from clear cut.

Do we care what God wants?

At no time in the History of Humanity has there only been one God for all of the human beings on the Earth. While some have tried to believe this, their efforts have led to to the conquest and persecution of others, rather than to any proof that their belief is correct. Rather, attempts to create Civil Law based upon one Religious group’s beliefs is tantamount to the oppression of all others’s belief systems, a contradiction to the Constitution itself.

Controlling Bodies?

This is my favorite part of the above quote:

That’s inconvenient and difficult for many of us, heterosexual and homosexual.

This is a particularly striking comment!  He is suggesting that no matter one’s sexual orientation, marriage must only be monogamous and heterosexual, and all sexual intimacy maintained with that marriage. For Schwarzwalder, there may be homosexuals, but they must marry a member of the opposite sex. Period. His justification? Because that is what God wants. However, in reality, this is the same desire to control others’ bodies as we see in the anti-abortion movement.


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