The lined post below describes a bold move by the Mayor and a Councilor in Santa Fe New Mexico:

New Mexico may already have marriage equality, because nothing in state law prohibits same-sex couples from marrying.At least that’s according to Santa Fe Mayor David Coss and City Councilor Patti Bushee. Bushee is lesbian and Coss has a lesbian daughter.

The idea is interesting and provide a different path for acceptance in that state. In 2004, 66 marriage licenses were granted to same-sex couples, and many of them were married, but the Attorney General at the time issued an opinion that the licenses were invalid and a restraining order was issued against Sandoval County clerk, Victoria Dunlop so that no more were issued. At the time, the State Supreme Court refused to issue an opinion allowing her to resume.

That was then, in 2004, and this is now, 2013 with more Americans approving of same-sex marriage than being opposed to it, and with broad bipartisan support for Marriage Equality. If New Mexico State Law doesn’t prohibit same-sex marriage, why on Earth would they not be able to issue valid marriage licenses to same-sex couples?

Interestingly, in 2004, Victoria Dunlop was a Republican and a married woman. Let’s hear it for Government clerks who go by the letter of the law rather than by a personal bias!

via Santa Fe mayor and councilor believe New Mexico already has marriage equality.

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